Digital Marketing: Unhealthy practices

As an Indian child in 90’s there was a show based on super hero and children would imitate that hero and ended up harming them. Now generating a digital campaign for youth including the children who resonates with impressions at a very high rate is a double edged sword. The idea is to ensure that a business which focuses on the helm of providing interesting and insightful advertising for those who want to know and for those who want to explore. However marketing and especially digital campaigns can be blamed for promoting brands, habits and lifestyle that are not always beneficial to consumers.

Let’s put forth ways to show how digital marketing has been a prominent factor in promotion of unhealthy activities.

  • Unhealthy food items 

Eating habits in general have changed a lot over time and resulting to that marketing campaign has changed as well. Now, there are easy ways in form of processed foods that are being promoted as a savior from the hectic schedule of life. Besides, they are also bringing forth savory dishes that keep your taste buds asking for more. As a result there has been a steep rise in obesity and diseased lifestyles among people. 

Some children are highly affected by digital food ads. Researchers found that 7 to 10 year old kids consumed more calories after playing advergames. This was especially the case for children who scored high on impulsive test. Food advertising campaigns that promote ea. Food advertising campaigns that promote easy. Cost effective foods can even affect lower income groups children and widen the gap further. 

Digital Marketing campaigns such as awareness programs can be a way to reach out to people and understand the campaign significance.

  • Tobacco and  other substance abuse 

Consumption of alcohol, tobacco. Cigarettes and marijuana has been on surge owing to deeper penetration of digital marketing campaigns and easy availability of these substances. Youth has been in disarray for uncontrolled exposure of these substances and has impacted the country to a great extent. 

E- Cigarettes have deleted their social media accounts but are still active using hash tags, influencer marketing and product placement. Direct association of alcohol brands with advertising campaigns as a resort to stress in life has been catastrophic to youth. 

Digital marketing campaigns supported by influencer marketing can be a way to undo the misinformation spread across people about these substances.

  • Biases, prejudices, stereotypes and self – shaming

The idea of presenting someone with a problem that your product can solve is always a risk to take. In order to infuse some problem in society, businesses unknowingly promote wrong practices against people who have faced that situation. People being made fun of for poor knowledge of a language, complexion, region, socio- economic background. Physical appearance in order to promote a product has always been a negative idea.

Digital marketing campaigns to promote an ideal lifestyle have contributed in this perplex situation towards a group. There can be simpler ways to identify a product need and market it rather giving false promises.

About The Author

Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing expert, educator & branding expert having more than a decade experience. Currently he heads Delhi Courses, providing best & advanced digital marketing course in Delhi